Train your students for the ecological transition

We believe in the importance of raising awareness and training future video game and animation professionals in the challenges of the ecological transition. That’s why we offer training courses specifically designed for schools and training organizations.

Interactive sessions on climate issues

Our interventions aim to educate students on the fundamentals of ecological transition, through interactive and educational sessions. We cover topics such as carbon footprint reduction, environmental sustainability and eco-responsible best practices in the video game industry.

Led by Geoffrey Marmonier, Jyros Project Manager, our training courses give students the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and develop their awareness of current environmental issues. By collaborating with schools, we are helping to train the next generation of professionals who are aware of and committed to a sustainable future.

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Awareness workshops
on Ecological Transition

Explore the fundamentals of ecological transition to better understand current and future environmental issues.

Sessions of
Frescoes du Climat

Immerse yourself in a fun, participatory experience to understand the challenges of climate change.

Case studies in environmental impact

Learn how to assess the carbon footprint of real projects with an introduction to the professional tool Jyros.

They put their trust in us!

G.Business School Director

Director and co-founder of Gaming Campus

“The fight against climate change is becoming increasingly urgent, and the pressure on companies to reduce their environmental impact is growing every year.” 

“Understanding these issues now and preparing our students for this new reality is a strategic challenge for us.”